Monthly archives of “September 2012

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The Faubourg

Y.P. often comes in to training with little goodies from one of his favourite eateries, Faubourg. It is a french style cafe/bakery with all sorts of sweet treats to be had. One lunchtime, after practice, Y.P. offered to take Jun and I over to check… Read More

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The Game

On the day of the game there is always an underlying tension in the air. Everyone seems slightly more serious and slightly more methodical. Routines, traditions and superstitions are all around. Editing the photos for this post, I could see the self-reflection on display. These… Read More

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The Preview

So I’ve been slacking a bit with the blog. With training and travelling for soccer, plus other family stuff it’s been a busy week or two. I have a backlog of photos that I’m editing and I’m working on writing the stories to go with… Read More