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Reality Check

So we were spoiled. The days of shorts and t-shirts, days at the beach and sunglasses are over for this year, it seems. Now, when I get to my locker at practice hanging there is my survival kit. Instead of shirt and shorts, I have jacket, sweatshirt, shirt, shorts and pants, accompanied by hat and gloves. After practice, I spent the day bunkered in, being terrorized, by my wonderful children. Evelyn does not have an off switch, and spends all day asking repetitive questions in her just-high-enough-to-be-really-annoying voice. Why? Why not? Where are we going? What are we doing? Can I have this? Can I have that? When she wasn’t asking questions, she was following Cat around our tight apartment, trying to get involved in whatever she could. Theo, who is in full on climbing mode, nearly decapitated himself falling off a stool!

However, we have been spoiled this summer it seems. My first in Vancouver, which lasted a lot longer than everyone said it would. So I’m going to try and stay positive and remember all the fun that was had in the sun! Get a good look Theo, this is the last time you’re gonna see that guy for a while.

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