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The Wonders of Technology

I love gadgets and technology. Several of my friends have told me I should join ‘The Geek Squad’, I guess that’s a compliment. Some people like to be out in the woods hiking or camping, some like to be in the sea surfing or swimming, embracing the natural wonders. I see the merit one can find in all theses activities, but they don’t really resonate with me. I’m never more comfortable than when I’m at home among my electronics.

I guess this started as a kid, messing around with the wires behind the TV to get game consoles working on the living room TV set. Then soon enough my parents were asking me to sort out the cable, or the VHS/DVD player. I was always taking apart the home computer to install or remove hard drives or sound cards. I had no fear, I had a shoot first mentality. I had an iPod in 2003. When I was 19 I had a cellphone, by the company 3G in the UK, that let you see the person you were talking to, as long as they had the same phone – essentially FaceTime! As technology has evolved, so has my interest for it.

This post is a test of sorts. As a frequent traveller, I prefer to travel light. This makes blogging on the road tough as I have a 17-inch computer to lug around. So I’m trying a new workflow. Usually I write on my computer, take photos, upload them via USB to my computer, import to Lightroom, edit in Lightroom, export to computer and finally upload to WordPress! It’s a lengthy process. So I’m testing out the capabilities of the Eye-Fi card.

It’s basically a SD card that holds the pictures I take and then gives out a Wi-Fi signal. Then using my iPad I can connect to this signal, upload the images, edit in iPhoto and upload to WordPress, hopefully expelling the need for me to cart my laptop around and speeding up my workflow. Ahhh, behold the wonders of technology!



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